After Eden Book Makes a Great Gift Idea
This cute comic is just a snippet from a book that I love. It will make you laugh and make you think all at the same time! Dan Lietha put together the best of his hilarious, thought-provoking After Eden cartoons, for the first time in one book. This would make a great gift and conversation starter!

Straight from their website:

“Ranging from the time of Adam & Eve to our modern day, the cartoons in After Eden are about the struggles and joys of life in a sin-cursed world. Using biblical history as the foundation, these cartoons convey a thought-provoking message in a humorous way. As you look at each cartoon of a familiar biblical account, you may find yourself saying, “Hmm, I never thought about it that way before.” So get ready to laugh and learn as you take a look at the world … after Eden!”

If you’re interested in purchasing this book for your pastor, Sunday school teacher, or anyone here’s where you can….simply go here to Answers in Genesis. The cost is $9.99 with $4.99 economy shipping. You can get $0.01 shipping when you purchase $75+ of merchandise.

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