Help Protect OB/GYN’s Right to Deny Abortions

AAPLOG doctors provide American moms with simple steps to help protect health care workers freedoms in practice.

On April 9, 2009, the government will close the debate on an issue that could be important to many of your friends, family and local physician’s careers. This past month, the new administration officially began the process to overturn a Health and Human Service regulation that provides protection for health care workers from pressure or intimidation to perform medical procedures that go against one’s conscience. This regulation is also known as the conscience clause and protects all health care workers, not just doctors

After reports of discrimination and a shrinking number of health care workers, the regulation was first enacted in December 2008 to raise awareness and enforce three existing civil laws that have protected doctors’ rights for 35 years. Three months later, the new administration opened the regulation for public comment until April 9. Public comment allows any American to submit their opinions to the White House and legislators before a final decision is made on a regulation.

“If the administration overturns the regulation, future tax dollars and the government could discriminate against doctors, nurses and other health specialists who choose not to perform medical procedures that conflict with their ethical convictions such as abortion,” says Dr. Donna Harrison, president of AAPLOG.

AAPLOG is asking for everyone to get involved in the public comment period and help protect a doctor and nurses’ rights to practice according to their conscience. Visit for simple, step-by-step instructions on how to submit your support for the regulation.

“Revoking the regulation is the first step in removing doctors of their rights to make a decision based on conscience and what they believe is in the best interest for the patient. This issue will not only effect faith-based medical institutions, but could cause a dire situation for the entire medical profession,” says Dr. Joe DeCook, vice president of AAPLOG.


AAPLOG is a group of 2,500 members in OB/GYN field across the nation taking a pro-life stance and advocating for the physician’s right of conscience in medical decision making. Through research and communication, the organization is committed to educating the public on the medical and psychological complications associated with induced abortion.

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