Educate Others About the Truth Behind Abortion

This summer, Abort73 plans to exhibit at 17 music festivals – which would potentially put them up in front of nearly one million people. The total price tag for the exhibit fees? $13,164 – which means that if every member of the Abort73 cause gives just $1, we’d have almost exactly what we need. For just $1, you can play a significant role in reshaping the way America thinks about abortion. It starts this summer; it starts today. Since Facebook doesn’t allow for donations under $10, you can donate online at:$1

If you don’t have a credit card, you can send a $1 bill to: Abort73, PO Box 2256, Loves Park, IL 61111.

Abortion thrives in tough economic times as more and more women rationalize, “I can’t afford a baby”. Help combat this horrible trend. It only takes $1. – This is my link- I pledged to raise at least $100 for this cause. If we’re honest, we can all give $1.

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