E-cigarette Reviews – Do they work?

I don’t usually post about such “hot topic” issues as this but it seems that I’m hearing more and more about people trying to quit smoking.  That is probably due to new years resolutions but I’m sure the economy doesn’t help either. E-cigarettes, do they work?

Over the past couple of years electronic cigarettes have been gaining popularity among people looking to quit smoking.  These products haven’t came without heavy controversy though.  I’ve been in the presence of a few different friends discussing the use of them lately so I was curious and wanted to do some research of my own.

I’ve found that some electronic cigarettes contain tobacco and some don’t.  Some may have potential risks and safety concerns and some don’t.  I still don’t know everything there is to know {far from it really!} but I found a website that has a ton of helpful electronic cigarette reviews, ecigarettes365.com.  To make an educated decision on electronic cigarettes you can check out their site and quickly compare more than 50 different e-cigarette brands and benefit from over 1,900 electronic cigarette reviews & ratings.  They even have a thorough review of the blu cig brand which I’ve heard is gaining a lot of popularity lately.  I’m not telling you what to do but if you’re looking to quit smoking, I wouldn’t pass up electronic cigarettes without first taking a close look at them.

Tobacco use still remains the single largest preventable cause of disease and premature death in the US but still more than 45 MILLION Americans smoke cigarettes.  I read that, as of 2010, there were also 13.2 million cigar smokers in the US, and 2.2 million who smoke tobacco in pipes.  That’s a lot of tobacco!

Do you or a loved one need to get serious about kicking this habit?  If you choose an electronic cigarette that doesn’t have health and safety problems, think of how great that would be.  You won’t be exposing yourself or anyone around you to any of the unhealthy components found in traditional cigarettes, such as carbon monoxide, carcinogens, tobacco, tar or ash.  Bleh!  Plus, I’m assuming that e-cigarettes would be cheaper…although don’t quote me on that!  Think how great it would be to say goodbye to yellow teeth, bad breath, and potentially smoking all together.

My dad chewed snuff when I was younger.  Ugh, the thought of that still grosses me out to this day.  When the dentist told him he had better quit or he was going to lose his teeth, he listened.  He tried to quit cold turkey but that didn’t work.  Instead he used a substitute chew to take it’s place as he slowly weaned himself off it.  Sometimes habits are hard to break.  Who am I kidding?  All habits are hard to break, aren’t they?

I am NOT sharing this post to sound better than anyone or to tell anyone what to do.  I’ve just had quite a few friends discussing this lately and after I’ve done my research I’ve found that some of their information wasn’t correct.  All I’m saying is that if you’re looking to quit smoking, this might be a good option for you.  I hope you can see my heart in this.  I think the world of you guys!

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  1. Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell says

    I have to admit that I have rarely given these a thought because they’re not anything I’d use, but I am surprised to hear that some have nicotine and some don’t. That’s crazy!

  2. Lynsey @MoscatoMom says

    One of the greatest decisions I have ever made was to quit smoking, and I am now 6 years smoke free. I cant even put into words how much better I feel… and how AWFUL every who still smokes SMELLS. I was in total denial thinking that because I always smoked outside and washed my hands that I didnt stink…. MAN was I wrong. I have a close friend that still smokes and I can barely stand to be around her. It’s awful.

  3. Brett Martin says

    I didn’t realize some HAD nicotine! Gross! My mom died from smoking – well, complications from COPD and Emphysema- all the damage done by smoking could have been greatly reversed had she ever been able to quit. Instead, my heart breaks anytime I see someone smoking. My littlest one won’t ever meet her grama, who she’s named for. My mom died 12 days before she was born. It’s not just about the person smoking- but also those they leave behind.

  4. I didn’t realize some of these had nicotine and some didn’t. My dad is a hard core snuff dipper (yuck) and I wish he would quit but I know that will never happen.

  5. I have always wondered how many people actually buy these.

  6. working of e cigarette says

    Now a days smokers used e cigarette instead of normal cigarette because it is not harmful to health. So the purpose of introducing E cigarette in the market to suggest smokers to use e cigarette for better health and it works for smokers to keep healthy.

  7. Shannon McGough says

    Ecig worked for me, it helped me to quit smoking, the best thing is that these devices are smokeless and odorless.

  8. You know it’s really getting popular these days. I have many friends smoking e-cigs and make me wanna get one too.

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